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Golden Mile Corridor Study (Fairville Boulevard)

Over 60 people attended the first public engagement session on September 6th. Staff are now in the process of compiling the feedback and analysing the input provided from the public. Staff will be present their findings and recommendations after a period of review before submitting a final report to Council by the new year.

Commonly referred to as the “Golden Mile”, Fairville Boulevard is an arterial road located on the City’s West Side that has seen significant commercial redevelopment in the past ten years. With the Plaza Corp. redevelopment of the previous Saint John Transit site, the Boulevard has seen the addition of a number of new businesses. This redevelopment has been complemented by the expansion of some existing retail outlets, as well as the planned addition of new developments. There have also been a few older buildings demolished along the corridor, presenting additional development opportunities.

The new Municipal Plan for the City of Saint John, which was adopted by Common Council in February of 2012, designates Fairville Boulevard as a “Regional Retail Centre”, which gives clear direction for the Boulevard to transition from a historical mix of retail and industrial land uses to strictly a retail corridor. In the context of the recent developments along the Boulevard, and in keeping with the new Municipal Plan designation, Common Council has requested that Staff conduct a land use study of Fairville Boulevard to explore the opportunities and challenges for the corridor as transition occurs.

Description of the Study

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