Terms of Reference

1.    Background

The City of Saint John is in the process of developing a Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan to provide a policy framework to guide the physical development of Saint John over the next 25 years.  The Strategy and Plan will be based on the collective aspirations of citizens on how best to preserve and enhance the City’s quality of life.  To this end, the Strategy and Plan will take into consideration important social, economic and environmental issues and objectives.  It will link transportation needs and land use planning, and will provide guidance on matters such as environmental protection, open space and community facilities, housing, urban design, heritage protection, Uptown development and future economic growth.

2.    Purpose of the Citizens Advisory Committee

The Municipal Plan Citizens Advisory Committee is established to advise Common Council on the development of City’s 25-year comprehensive municipal plan.  The Committee will act as a community sounding board, advising the protect team (municipal staff & consultants) and the City of Saint John Common Council on community-based issues during the plan’s development.  The Committee will also serve as ambassadors within the community to actively promote public involvement in the planning process.

3.    Role of the Citizens Advisory Committee

The Citizens Advisory Committee’s primary role is to formulate recommendations to Council during each phase of the development of the City’s Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan.  More specifically, the Committee will:

4.    Committee Composition

The Citizens Advisory Committee will consist of 13 persons including two (2) members of Common Council, one (1) member of the Planning Advisory Committee and ten (10) citizens of Saint John representing a wide cross-section of the community.  To ensure that the Committee is truly representative of the population of Saint John, representatives with varied perspectives and from different sectors of the community will be targeted, especially those from typically under-represented groups from a variety of social, cultural and economic backgrounds.  Individuals applying for Committee membership based on their representation of a specific community sector or group should identify this in their application.

The Citizens Advisory Committee will be appointed by Common Council on recommendation from Council’s Nominating Committee.  A membership recruitment process encouraging people from a diverse backgrounds and communities will be used.  When appointing members to the Committee, the following selection criteria will be considered:

5.    Terms of Office

Committee members shall serve for the duration of the municipal plan process (approximately two years).  A person will cease to be a member of the Committee if that individual fails to attend three (3) consecutive meetings of the Committee without proper notice being given and without having been excused by resolution of the Committee.  Should a person cease to be a member of the Committee during the Strategy and Plan development process, their position shall be filled by the Nominating Committee according to the same selection criteria as original members.

The Committee may form sub-committees to address specific topics and issues.

Should a member of the Committee find themselves in a conflict of interest due to the effect of an issue on them personally or professionally, they should declare this to the Committee and step down for any discussion or recommendations related to this issue.

6.    Committee Chair and Vice Chair

The Municipal Plan Citizens Advisory Committee shall elect from its non-council members a chair and vice chair position.  The role of the Chairperson shall be to guide the process and facilitate meetings.  The Chairperson will keep the group focused on the agreed-upon tasks, suggest alternative methods and procedures and encourage the participation of all Committee members.  The Chair shall work with the project team in preparing meeting agendas and supporting materials and when required, the Chairperson will also act as a spokesperson on behalf of the Committee.

7.    Meetings

The Committee will meet regularly throughout the development of the Growth Management Strategy and Municipal Plan, with meetings scheduled monthly or at a frequency necessary to support the municipal plan development.  The frequency of meetings may be increased as required to support the work program for the development of the Strategy and Plan.

The City’ Planning department will provide resources and support to the Committee in the course of their work as follows:  coordination of meeting schedules and venues, circulation of meeting agenda and minutes for meeting requirements such as the taking of minutes.

8.    Decision-Making

Decisions on recommendations to the project team and Common Council will be made by consensus and if necessary, decisions will be determined by a majority vote.  The quorum, for meetings shall be seven (7).