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Municipal Plan Public Review Period

Common Council approved the Municipal Plan on Monday, January 30, 2012.  Effective February 21, 2012 the new Municipal Plan has been approved by the Province and registered with Service New Brunswick.  It now replaces the 1973 Plan as the official Municipal Plan guiding all planning decisions moving forward. 

The Municipal Plan is the result of a two-year process of planning, research, and extensive community engagement.  Thousands of Saint Johners, championed by a thirteen member Citizen Committee of Council which included ten citizens, a member of the City’s Planning Advisory Committee and two members of Common Council helped to shape the plan.

PlanSJ reflects the shared collective vision of our citizens to grow the City smarter, by reinvesting in the Saint John’s urban core neighbourhoods, promoting denser more complete suburban communities and protecting our traditional rural character and landscape. By leveraging existing municipal infrastructure the plan supports more efficient and cost effective development pattern and leverages the City’s unique natural and heritage assets to enrich our quality of life.

The plan also promotes promoting greater choices for moving around the City progressive environmental policies which protect natural areas and promote a more sustainable development pattern overall. 

The plan will inform City decision making moving forward and will be put in action through a new zoning bylaw, a legacy of neighbourhood planning and through ongoing monitoring and reporting on the progress of PlanSJ.

Municipal Plan

Schedule A - City Structure

Schedule B - Land Use

Schedule C - Transportation

Map A - Vision

Map B - Future Planning