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What is ZoneSJ?

What does the zoning bylaw actually regulate?

The Zoning Bylaw provides a legal way of managing land use and future development across the City.  Essentially, the zoning bylaw determines:

  • how land and buildings may be used;
  • where buildings and other structure can be located on a site; and
  • site development criteria including lot sizes and dimensions, parking requirements, signage standards, and building height.

What are the key changes in the new draft zoning bylaw?

  • Modernized community development standards that utilize best practices and updates the current Zoning By-law which is over 30 years old.
  • It is a user-friendly document, intended to provide clarity, consistency and predictability for all those involved in land development here in Saint John.
  • By-law aligns with PlanSJ and implements new zones that correspond with the land use framework, targeting growth and investment within the Primary Development Area, the growth boundary for the urbanized area of the City.
  • Provides clarity, consistency and predictability as the zones have been applied in a logical land use pattern across the City to eliminate land use conflicts in the future.
  • Allows for more complete communities with a broader mix of land uses in neighbourhoods targeted for future growth and investment.
  • Streamlines the development approvals process and creates a fairer more transparent framework.
  • Creates more opportunities for intensification and higher density development in targeted areas, and provides more flexibility for a greater mix of housing types to meet the changing community needs.
  • Implements more flexible parking standards in intensification areas and a broader parking exemption area in the Uptown as incentives to development in these areas, and implementing key directions in PlanSJ to promote alternative modes of transportation.
  • Clearer rules for development that are entrenched in the By-law will provide greater predictability and clarity for industry.
  • Retains the character of existing rural residential areas and limits future residential expansion in order to ensure there are appropriate lands retained for rural uses.
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