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Building Permits

Building Permits are required to ensure all construction meets National Building Code standards, as well as conform to all City of Saint John By-laws.

If applicable, BEFORE applying for a building permit you should ensure the noted information/permits are in place:

  • All property subdivisions should be registered with the Province;
  • Department of Health approval (well & septic systems); and
  • Zoning approval and/or Variance approval through Community Planning (multi-family, commercial, too close to property lines, etc.)

When applying for a building permit you will need the following:

  • 2 sets of detailed, scaled drawings showing all aspects of construction (cross section, floor plan, foundation plan, elevations of building);
  • Detailed site plan showing size of lot and location of building on the lot;
  • Roof truss and floor truss plans, stamped by a Professional Engineer; and
  • Fee must be paid at time of application.

*Fees vary; please call our office for specifics or click here to view the schedule of fees.

NOTE:   For smaller jobs (i.e. siding installation, additions, garages, decks, etc.) construction drawing & site plan forms are available at our office (i.e. cross section, foundation plan, etc.)

OTHER PERMITS  that may be required during construction are as follows:

  • Plumbing Permit – your plumber will apply for a permit through Building &
  • Technical Services.
  • Electrical Permit – your electrician will apply for a permit through the Provincial Department of Labour.
  • Water & Sewerage Connection – a permit will be issued through the Engineering Department (if you are building in a serviced area).
  • Certificate of Appropriateness – are required for work done on buildings in the Heritage Areas and are issued by Community Planning.
  • Flood Risk Area – any construction taking place in the Flood Risk Area must be approved by Building & Technical Services first (compensatory storage).

NOTE:   The above listed permits cannot be issued until an approved building permit has been issued by this department.
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