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All archived agendas, by laws, and city documents can be found using our Public Records Application.


What information can I find in Saint John Public Records?

Saint John Public Records holds Common Council agendas and minutes from 1785 and onward. Some of the more recent agendas also contains the supporting documentation. There are both Committee of the Whole and Common Council minutes.

There are also bilingual by-laws accessible from Public Records.

How do I browse to specific information?

There are two main ways to retrieve information using Saint John Public Records; by browsing or searching with words or phrases.

Browsing: Saint John Public Records uses a folder browser to file and organize records, similar to a filing cabinet. You can use the folder browser to view the folder hierarchy and the records in each folder. In the browser, each file name has an icon identifying what type of object it is. Folders are represented by a folder icon; records are represented by a page icon. To open either one, click on the icon or name.

Searching: The search feature locates records by looking at the index for specific words or phrases. When searching you can use the Basic Text Search, Advanced Text Search or Within a folder. Saint John Public Records will display a “Search Results” window, listing all records found that meet the search criteria. You may open any of them, just as you would from the folder browser. Note: You can use upper or lower case letters.

What are the different buttons next to the document titles?

After browsing or searching to find documents, you might see icons to the left of the document title. These buttons are:

What are the different ways to view the documents?

Documents can be viewed by clicking on the title. This will let you view the document page by page, and download the entire document or just a section of it. If you have searched for certain words or terms, these will be highlighted for you. If you would like to save a copy of the document you are viewing, you can click the PDF button (Download PDF) at the top of the page. Some documents can be viewed by clicking the PDF button or the electronic document button to the left of the document title.
What internet browsers are supported by Saint John Public Records?
Saint John Public Records browser requirements are as follows:

Windows Users:
   o Internet Explorer 5.5 or later
   o Netscape 6.1 or later

Mac Users:
   o Safari 1.1
   o Netscape 6.1 or later
   o Internet Explorer 5.2 or later

Why do I see a sign on screen when accessing Saint John Public Records?

Saint John Public Records may prompt you to log in if you have added the site to your favorites. Any page that starts with cannot be bookmarked.

I can't view PDF or Electronic Documents.

  1. Make sure that pop up blockers on your computer are disabled. Pop up blockers can be found in certain versions of Internet Explorer, toolbars such as the Google Toolbar and Yahoo toolbar, and in spyware blockers, firewalls, and antivirus programs.
  2. Add to Trusted Sites. To do this in Internet Explorer:
    o Click Tools, then Internet Options
    o Click on the Security tab
    o Click on Trusted Sites, and then click the Sites button
    o Type in the "Add this web site to the zone" box, and then click "Add"
    o Click OK twice to close the windows.

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