Councillor Greg J. Norton

Ward 1

1003 Duck Cove Lane
Saint John, NB
E2M 3G3
Cell: (506) 977-3848
Councillor Norton was first elected to Common Council in the May 2012 election and re-elected for a 2nd term in 2016. He has called West Saint John home for many years, where he lives with his wife Sarah and three daughters, Sophia, Kate, and Maggie.

Greg has been a teacher and administrator for several years and currently serves as Vice-Principal at St. Malachy's Memorial High School. A husband and dad, Greg has also volunteered as a coach and member of many committees and working groups, including Discover Saint John, Saint John Board of Police Commissioners, ONE Change Inc., Saint John West Branch of the Chamber of Commerce, and the Saint John Jeux Canada Games Foundation Board of Governors.

Greg highlights economic development, recreation, and infrastructure as some of his priorities as a City Councillor, while also actively promoting innovation and legislative reform to enhance city life.


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Councillor Greg J. Norton


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Councillor Gary Sullivan

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