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Council Priorities

Setting priorities is about determining what goals and objectives will be acted upon during Council’s term to support the community in achieving its long-term vision – Our Saint John.  Council’s Priorities will also support the implementation of PlanSJ, our new municipal plan.  Click the image below to view the 2012-16 Council Priorities document.


As part of its governance role, Common Council establishes strategic priorities that will guide decision-making and allow the City to demonstrate accountability for service results.

Saint John Common Council will create policies that foster social, economic and sustainable growth in Saint John; have the courage to follow through on the tough decisions that are in the best interests of the whole community; and govern with a positive, supportive tone while being respectful of each other, City employees and our citizens.

The specific priorities that have been established to help move towards achievement of these goals can be found in the following documents:

2012 - 2016 Priorities

2008 Priorities
2009-2012 Priorities