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As part of our commitment to openness and communication, the Saint John Police Force has introduced an online crime mapping tool to keep citizens informed about crimes occurring in their neighbourhoods.

Crime mapping combines police report data with geographic data, including the location of the crime, as well as the location of schools, parks, and businesses, and displays this information visually on a map.  Police personnel can then identify crime “hot spots,” types of crime occurring in different parts of the city, serial crimes and other patterns or trends.  Using this information, patrols and other resources can be more efficiently dispatched to high risk crime areas, enhancing the safety and security of those neighbourhoods.  Further analysis about how and why crime is occurring informs the development of targeted responses and the implementation of evidence based crime reduction strategies.

Online crime mapping is available to members of the public so that citizens can be aware of crime occurring in their areas.  Simply type in an address and the map will show you what crimes have occurred within a 2 km radius of that location.  Different types of crime are represented by different icons.  You will also be provided with the police file number, the date and time of the incident, and an opportunity to submit any information you may have with regards to that particular crime.

Whenever you report a crime to the police, you are helping to make your community a safer place to live, work, and play.  Any information you provide about suspicious or criminal activity may help police solve a crime, as well as prevent future crime from occurring.  By using the crime mapping tool, you will become better informed about what is going on in your neighbourhood.  Having a greater awareness of the criminal activity in your area makes you better equipped to protect yourself and your family.

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