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Fundy Integrated Intelligence Unit (FIIU)

The Fundy Integrated Intelligence Unit (FIIU) was established in 2004, with the primary objective of combating organized crime in the Saint John area.  It is one of five integrated units in the province, funded by the Criminal Intelligence Service of New Brunswick.  The FIIU is rooted in partnerships with multiple agencies and is comprised of representatives from the RCMP, Canada Border Services Agency (CBSA), Canada Revenue Agency, Correctional Services of Canada, Department of Public SafetyRothesay Regional Police and the Saint John Police Force.  The mandate of the FIIU is to collect, evaluate, collate, analyze and disseminate criminal intelligence within an area of jurisdiction and identify potential threats to that area.

Contrary to the misconception that organized crime only happens in big cities, there are groups of organized criminals in communities throughout New Brunswick.  These groups of criminals are actively engaged in the drug trade, gang activity, motorcycle gangs, cyber-crime, theft and smuggling, as well as other types of organized crime.

Integration of criminal justice agencies, as well as increased public awareness, vigilance and willingness to report criminal activity are important to combating organized crime and reducing its impact on our community.

"Organized Crime Knows No Boundaries"

Please call 911 for Emergencies or 648-3333 for non-emergency immediate assistance.

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