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Safe Clean Drinking Water Project

On November 6th, Port City Water Partners was declared preferred proponent with respect to the Safe Clean Drinking Water Project.

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About the Project

The City of Saint John is committed to providing all residents with safe, clean drinking water. As part of its mandate, Common Council has made safe clean, drinking water a key service priority.  This is the reason for the Safe, Clean Drinking Water Project (SCDWP).

The City is partnering with P3 Canada and the Province of New Brunswick to deliver the SCDWP.  A water treatment facility will be built on a green field site and a number of projects will be completed to enhance the water distribution system.

SCDWP Objectives include:

  1. Good, quality water meeting all relevant water criteria and guidelines
  2. Deficiencies in the current water supply system are corrected
  3. An adequate supply of water is available for consumer-use and fire   protection during and following the project completion
  4. Project is delivered at an affordable price
  5. Value for money is obtained
  6. A safe workplace be provided throughout the project
  7. Appropriate risks associated with the project are borne by Project Co.
  8. The project will be delivered in accordance with municipal, provincial and federal design, construction, operational and environmental standards
  9. Primary infrastructure satisfies the hand back requirements at the hand back date
Upcoming Milestone Dates

Execution of Project Agreement
January 2016
Financial Close
February 2016
West Side Milestone Completion Date
End of 2017
Expected Substantial Completion Date
End of 2018

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