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Summer Tech Camp

The City of Saint John Summer Playground Program is pleased to be partnering with Brilliant Labs to include free Summer Tech Camp for our playground participants. 

For one week of our eight-week program, your playground site will be transformed into a tech camp where children will become inventors, technicians and engineers with fun, hands-on activities in computers, digital/electronic art, machining, science, technology and textiles.  It'll be a unique offering that exposes your children to the wonders of technology - beyond their game consoles and tablets! 

The tech camp will be offered in the mornings, with regular recreation programming in the afternoons.

Summer Tech Camp Schedule

Week 1 (June 26-30) @ Beaconsfield School

Week 2 (July 4-7) @ Milford Memorial Centre

Week 3 (July 10-14) @ Glen Falls School

Week 4 (July 17-21) @ Carleton Community Centre

Week 5 (July 24-28) @ Lorneville Community Centre

Week 6 (July 31-Aug 4) @ Lakewood Heights

Week 7 (August 8-11) @ Lancaster Baptist Church

Week 8 (Aug 14-18) @ Crescent Valley Resource Centre

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