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Cheers to Volunteers

Cheers to Volunteers celebrates volunteers in two main service areas: sport & recreation and community development.  Supported by staff in our Growth and Community Development services, these volunteers show an outstanding commitment to citizen wellness, quality of life, and community engagement to make Saint John a Community of Choice.

Volunteer Nomination Categories

Organized Sport or Recreation: This individual can be a teammate, coach, parent/guardian, loyal fan, fundraisers, unpaid organizer/administrator, official or any person who voluntarily contributes to an organized sport or recreation team or league whose operations support active and healthy lifestyles.

Community Development: This individual volunteers for a community organization whose goal is to strengthen individuals/neighbourhoods and engage the community through the provision of goods, services and/or use of facilities. This individual donates their time to ensuring the safety, vibrancy, and improved quality of life in their community.


Must be 18 years of age or older. 
Must be a resident of the City of Saint John. 
Volunteer service must take place within the City of Saint John.
Volunteer must not have already been invited to/recognized at a previous City of Saint John event.
Nominees must not have received payment for their service. A digital photograph of the volunteer is required.

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