Transportation & Environment Services


The parcobus park & ride lots allow people who otherwise would have taken their car into Saint John to take public transit instead or, alternatively, to use the lots as a meeting point for ride sharing.

 Parcobus site
Latimore Lake Parking Lot
 615 Latimore Lake Road - Latimore Lake
Community Centre
Lorneville Parking Lot
10 Stinson Drive - Lorneville Industrial Park
Loch Lomond Parking Lot
4347 Loch Lomond Road - St. Josephs Church

The Transit and Parking Commissions believe there will be sufficient demand for these additional transit services based on current COMEX success in outlying areas. 

The emission reductions associated with the park & ride lots are estimated at 167 tonnes of CO2e every year. 

The Saint John Parking and Transit Commissions unveiled Parcobus, an In-City Park & Ride system, in April 2010 at the Lorneville location.