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Maps & Air Photos

Web Mapping

Web Mapping

An interactive map that allows users to obtain information on property as well as city services based on their address.

Be advised that some data may not be up-to-date.


Development Incentives Program Map

An interactive map that displays development incentive grant areas, infill development opportunities, zoning, property ownership and assessment information as well as other information relevant to development.

Winter Management Plan

Winter Management Plan Map

An interactive map that displays snow plow priorities, winter parking bans and snow ban parking lots.

View PDF map of Street Plowing Priorities.

View PDF map of Sidewalk Plowing Priorities.

Sanitation Map

Solid Waste & Compost Collection Map

An interactive solid waste and compost collection map with links to the detailed schedules. It also shows the locations for recycling blue bins.
Saint John Tourism

Saint John Tourist Map

View PDF tourist map.

For more tourist information, click here.

Public Transit

Public Transit

An interactive public transit route map with links to the detailed schedules.

PDF maps & schedules are available here.
Zoning Map

Zoning Map

An interactive map that identifies current and pre-ZoneSJ zones with links to the corresponding sections of the zoning by-law.

View PDF of Zoning Map.

View PDF of Pre-ZoneSJ Zoning Map.

Municipal Plan Maps

Future Land Use Map

An interactive map that identifies future land uses.

View Municipal Plan PDF Maps
Street Map

Street Map

An interactive street map with a street name search utility, as well as an alphabetical street listing.
Historical Map

Historical Maps

An interactive 1875 atlas and an interactive historic coastline and fortifications map as well as a map showing the location of the Millidgeville Airport and scanned original city survey sheets (circa 1920).
Air Photo Archives

Air Photo Archives

Interactive scanned historic air photos (1927-1993) and oblique air photos (1983-2009).
Electoral Wards

Electoral Ward Representatives Map

An interactive electoral map with links to representatives' contact information.

Electoral Wards Maps

PDF maps of electoral wards.

Heritage Conservation Area

Heritage Conservation Area Maps*

Interactive maps of the heritage conservation areas with information on specific heritage properties.

* Works best with Internet Explorer

Historic Walking Tours

Historic Walking Tours

A series of self guided walking tours of Saint John neighbourhoods. A great way to explore the City’s built heritage at your own pace.
Parking Maps

Parking Maps

Maps showing hourly, daily and monthly parking options.
Rockwood Park Trails Map

Rockwood Park Trails Map

PDF map showing the location of trails, campground, golf course, zoo and lakes.