Changes this winter for overnight parking in the North, East and West sides of the City


Motorists are advised of the following traffic interruptions:

Streets: Westmorland Road

Date: Starting Thursday, November 16 to Thursday, November 30, 2017

Time: 8 a.m. - 6 p.m. daily

Duration: 15 days

Direction: Two (2) single lanes of traffic will be maintained in either direction; however, at times traffic will be reduced to one lane with traffic control in place.

Specific Area: Westmorland Road from Tisdale Lane to Ellerdale Street.

Description of Work: Port City Water Partners will be completing work inside concrete chambers as part of the construction phase of the City of Saint John’s Safe Clean Drinking Water Project.

Motorists are advised to plan their travel accordingly, reduce speeds in construction zones, observe signage, and drive safely. Work commencement and completion times are subject to change. Weather permitting.

What you need to know

The City would like to inform citizens of changes to overnight on-street parking restrictions in the north, east and west sides of the City. An amendment to the City’s Traffic By-law was passed by Common Council at a final reading on November 9, 2015. The restrictions will take effect immediately. 
The parking restrictions mean that an overnight on-street parking ban in the North, East and West parts of the City will be called when snow clearing is required. The parking ban is referred to as the “North, East and West Temporary Overnight Parking Ban”. The only area of the City exempt from the North, East and West parking ban is the South Central Peninsula, where the separate and traditional on-street parking bans (also known as “snow bans”) will remain in place. 
On-street parking between called bans is permitted unless otherwise prohibited by on-street signage and the Motor Vehicle Act.
As is the case with the overnight parking bans called in the south central peninsula, the City will advise citizens through and several other media when a North, East and West overnight parking ban is called.  To receive notifications direct to email, citizens can sign up to receive City News. Citizens may also call the parking ban information line at 658-4040. Should a ban be declared, the City’s website, information line and local media will all be updated by 3:45pm.
To prepare for an overnight parking ban, citizens who rely on on-street parking in the North, East and West parts of the City are encouraged to make alternate off-street parking arrangements ahead of the first snowfall. Citizens looking for off-street parking and citizens who have additional off-street parking can make use of the site to connect.
Citizens have a responsibility to secure off-street parking and to seek information on when these parking bans are declared.  The City thanks citizens for their cooperation as efforts are made to enhance the snow clearing service.