Play it safe on the ice this winter


As temperatures continue to drop this winter, the City of Saint John reminds citizens to exercise caution when using the lakes, ponds, streams and rivers for recreation.

If you plan to skate or play ice hockey, or take a snow mobile or small car out on any ice surface, verify the thickness of the ice first and keep these tips in mind:

Ice that forms over any moving body of water – including rivers, streams and lakes with currents – is not safe. Consult with someone who knows the local water currents and depths before venturing out.

The City of Saint John’s Parks and Landscape Service will indicate when it is safe for skating at Lily Lake. Until that time, call 652-PLAY (7529) to find out more about public skating at the City’s arenas or visit the skating oval at Rainbow Park on Broad Street. For more information on ice conditions, visit

For more information about ice safety, visit


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