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Winter Storm Update


The City of Saint John’s crews are out in force to keep City streets as safe as possible during the storm. Citizens are reminded to avoid travelling during the storm and to take advantage of available off-street parking, where possible.

City staff will be working within the Winter Management Plan to meet the established service objectives, once the storm ends, according to Priority and based on the storm severity. Major arteries, highway connections and emergency routes will be cleared constantly during the storm, with major bus routes, and streets connecting schools, community centres and business districts as the second priority.

Crews are also preparing for rainfall and snowmelt. As part of the City’s Winter Management Plan, Municipal Operations crews inspect catch basins in known trouble spots on a weekly basis to ensure they are open and ready to handle any run-off.

Pedestrians are reminded to use extra caution when using sidewalks across the City this week. A forecast of mixed precipitation and temperatures near the freezing mark may cause slippery sidewalks. Saint John Transportation and Environment Services crews will continue to work hard to meet our Winter Management Plan service objectives.