Our Saint John


Our Saint John was born of the water. Like the tides we live by, we are responsive to the constant changes in our environment, economy, and society.*

Rising from banks of the St. John River and Saint John Harbour, and built on top of some of the oldest geology in the world, Saint John, the first incorporated city in Canada (1785), is the largest city on the Bay of Fundy and the industrial backbone of New Brunswick.

For centuries, our harbour has been a haven for people from across the globe. For many of these people, this place, born of the water, became home. Today 67,000 residents still enjoy easy access to the Bay, the St. John River and the lakes around the city.

Our Saint John is a liveable city where everyone can feel at home.*

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There are many ways in which citizens can become involved in life in Saint John. Volunteer to become a member of an agency, board or commission, attend a City led event or meeting in your neighbourhood, or watch or attend Saint John Common Council meetings.

*From Our Saint John, the community vision statement and 20-year goals.




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