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The City of Saint John has been providing municipal services to local citizens for more than two centuries. Find out more about the services we deliver and how they are helping our community achieve its vision.



Transportation and Environment Services

The Transportation and Environment Program supports the Community in achieving its long-term vision and goal of creating a green, attractive city where people can get around safely and easily.  Services provide convenient and efficient modes of transportation and protect our environment through the maintenance of parks and public spaces.

Growth and Development Services

The Growth and Development Program supports the community in achieving its long-term vision and goal of having a diverse, vibrant, resilient, environmentally sound economy. The service provides guidance, direction and support for development that enhances quality of life for residents by working to create places where people want to live, work and invest.

Public Safety Services

This service supports the Community in achieving its long-term vision of being a safe, liveable community. The program helps to improve the quality of life with a focus on creating safe neighbourhoods.


Finance and Administrative Services

The Finance and Administrative Service focuses on responsible financial management and sustainable life-cycle management of the City's physical assets, including fleet, real estate, purchasing and materials management.

Saint John Water

Saint John Water supports the Community in achieving its long-term vision and goal for safe, clean drinking water.  Services are delivered to enhance the quality of drinking water and protect the natural environment with the treatment of wastewater.

Corporate Services

The City’s Legislative Services provides administrative support and policy and procedural advice to the elected Common Council. The service maintains, protects and responds to staff and public inquiries regarding the official and permanent records of the City.