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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To support the delivery of arts, culture and heritage programs that enhance the quality of life in Saint John.
Citizen Satisfaction: Percentage of residents that believe that Saint John is diverse in culture and rich in arts.
Arts, culture and heritage have an impact on the quality of life and social well-being of a community; and they play a role in people’s decisions to move to the City or stay here. This measure is an indicator of how well the City is perceived to be promoting and supporting arts, culture and heritage.

Quick Facts

  • Liaise with approximately 55 arts organizations
  • Approximately 24 cultural and multicultural organizations
  • 15 public galleries
  • 6 private galleries
  • 1 artist-run art gallery
  • 7 museums
  • Approximately 3,500 cultural events (average annual posted to Cyber Events Calendar)
  • Approximately 10 festivals and annual events held annually
  • Approximately 2,000 arts performances (average annual posted to events calendar)
  • Approximately 100 arts related education workshops, classes and talks
  • 15 public commissioned public works of art
  • Designated 2010 Cultural Capitals of Canada - $750,000 in funding for Saint John 225: Original City Program
  • Integration of Arts & Culture Policy in City planning and policy discussions