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Celebrate Create Participate May 24-31

The Saint John Community Arts Board and The Originals 2012 invites the Greater Saint John community to Celebrate/Create/Participate with “Origin8” – Saint John’s 8-day DIY (Do-It-Yourself) Expression (May 24th – 31st).
The Originals/Les Originaux, the Saint John Arts Awards Gala which won Best Arts Infusion at Uptown Saint John’s Live Life Awards in 2011, was launched in 2010.  Happily, it is once again time to recognize the accomplishments of our arts community!

In anticipation of this event (which sold out in 2010) The Originals/Les Originaux 2012 invites the greater Saint John community to showcase its creativity for the 8 days leading up to May 31st 2012 at the Imperial Theatre.
To help underscore the importance of the role, and extend the reach, of the arts in our community The Originals/Les Originaux 2012 is asking restaurants, bars, promoters, store fronts, bands, artists, theatres, actors, writers, galleries, dancers and social media-istas to participate in DIY expression. We have created a logo for the community to use on menus, posters, facebook & Twitter accounts, invites, etc.

Download the Origin8 logo

Here are 8 suggestions to get your creative juices flowing:
•    Restaurants:  Why not create a special event plate or daily ‘original’
•    Store fronts and local businesses:  Why not celebrate one of the
•    Bands:  How about a new tune?
•    Bars & Promoters:  How about hosting a Friday night pre-festivity event?
•    Galleries:  Why not curate an exhibition of visual art finalists?
•    Theatre enthusiasts:  Two words: flash mob!
•    Artists:  A special installation?
•    Social Media-istas:  Time to get wordy or change your icons?

From May 24th to the 31st, please take this opportunity to be inspired, expressive, imaginative, and original, and help support your city’s arts community. One thing we do ask – for obvious reasons – is that you don’t hold any event on the evening of the Originals 2012 gala. (May 31st 2012)

Or visit FACEBOOK:  The Originals | Les Originaux 2012

The Originals 2012 is a proud part of The Saint John Community Arts Board. The event is sponsored by Hemmings House, Stewart McKelvey and UNB Saint John.

The Saint John Community Arts Board was established in February 2003 to develop, advise, and recommend to Common Council of the City of Saint John, policies, activities, and initiatives in arts and cultural matters, and to undertake or support arts and cultural events, programs and projects.

For more information contact:
Cultural Affairs Office
(506) 649-6040
8th Floor, City Hall