Here is an inventory of informational brochures available to help provide you with an understanding of our some of our services.


Development Brochure 

Information: Growth & Community Development- Permits

An overview of City requirements for development, construction projects and permits.


 Small Business Brochure

An overview of City requirements for small businesses.

 Reduce Risk Flooding

Measures to Reduce the Risk of Basement Flooding from Rainfall Runoff

To protect your home from basement flooding, we invite you to take a look at things you can do to reduce the risk of basement flooding.

Residential Driveway Culverts

Residential Driveway Culverts

In the City of Saint John, no person shall cut a curb, place fill or otherwise modify a street to widen or install an access to private property without having obtained a Permit. The property owner or their approved designate, shall apply for a Permit prior to undertaking any work in the municipal (street) right-of-way.

 Heritage Grant Program

Heritage Grant Program Brochure

Changes include new application forms, Grant funding ratios, and revisions to the Program Policy that will help clarify the requirements for your next Heritage Grant application.

English Inpectino Scheduling with Bleed and form link.pdf

Inspection Scheduling for Residential Projects and all Demolitions

Please be advised that the City of Saint John requires permit holders to call in to request inspections for all residential renovation and construction projects and all demolition projects.

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Last updated: December 6, 2017