Below is an inventory of standard construction drawings which can be used to augment your plans. Drawings and construction details must be submitted with the corresponding application and must be accurately drawn. 


Shows size of property, size of buildings on property and how far each building(s) are from property lines and/or other buildings. Required for siding, addition, deck, fire escape, change of use permit and/or tenant fit up (sometimes Planning requires this for parking reasons), new construction, garage, free standing signs, placing a mobile home on lot, etc.

Site Plan


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Be advised that some data may not be up-to-date.


Shows all materials used during construction. Required for addition, dormers, roof replacement, placing new foundation, converting deck into porch or sunroom, new construction.

** Must be accompanied by Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Design Detail **

Single Storey Cross Section (1 full storey with full basement, crawl space or slab)

Two Storey Cross Section(2 full storeys or 1 1/2 storeys with full basement, crawl space or slab)

Post & Beam Single Storey Cross Section (1 full storey on post and beam)


Shows front, back, left and right view of construction. Required for exterior work; addition, dormers, sunroom, garage, etc.

Elevation Plan

Elevation Drawing


Shows complete floor layout including room dimensions, exits, windows, etc. Required for interior work, addition, new construction, change of use, tenant fit up.

Floor Plan

Floor Plan


Shows materials and sizes for foundation construction. required for addition, placing new foundation under house or for mobile home, new construction.

** Must be accompanied by Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Design Detail **

Full Foundation (typical construction)

Post & Beam Foundation(additions and/or sunrooms on post and beam)


Shows construction material and sizes, as well as an overhead view of deck/ramp.

 Deck Revised Deck
 Wheel Chair Ramp Revised Wheel Chair Ramp


Shows construction material, sizes and elevations of building. Required for construction of garage, shed and/or outbuilding that are single storey with wall height of 12 feet or under.

Garage revised  Garage
Shed revised  Shed


Shows construction material, sizes, elevation and minimum requirements for fire escape/stairs. There are two (2) sheets to this; required for fire escape, exit stairs, 2nd storey deck.

1)Construction Detail

2)Stair Construction Detail


Shows roof or floor details. These drawings come from the truss manufacturer where the roof or floor trusses are ordered.

Floor Truss Layout
Floor Truss Layout
Roof Truss Drawing Roof Truss Drawing
Roof Truss Layout Roof Truss Layout


Due to procedural changes in applying for a building permit to meet the new energy efficiency requirements of the 2010 National Building Code a "Prescriptive Energy Efficiency Design Detail Form", along with building envelope assembly information (Energy Efficiency Assembly Guide), must be submitted at time of application outlining how the construction will meet the new energy standard.

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Last Updated: February 24, 2017