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  • Ensure that development advice, approvals and financial assistance is consistent with the Community Vision and the policies maintained through the Community Planning Service.
  • Improve the development application and approval process to ensure efficiency and consistency in its application.
  • Build greater capacity in development advisory and approval staff to support quality customer service.
  • Design and implement a public education program that creates a better awareness of development advisory and approval activities.
  • Work with developers and property-owners to improve the quality and completeness of applications.
  • Utilize authority for Development Officer approvals to reduce the number of minor applications being considered by the Planning Advisory Committee.

Strategic Focus Area

i_rc_customerserv_quesCustomer Service
For more information on the Development Advisory & Approval Service, please complete the Service Request Form below.

Development Advisory and Approval

Planning and Development
(506) 658-2835
10th Floor, City Hall

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