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Proposed By-Law Amendments:

The City of Saint John Common Council is considering amendments to the Saint John Heritage Conservation Areas By-Law.  The proposed amendments include general housekeeping items, revisions to exemptions from Heritage Permits, and provisions regarding the demolition of heritage buildings.  These amendments will affect all properties designated as being in a heritage conservation area as defined by Schedules A through K inclusive, of the Heritage Conservation Areas By-Law.  These areas have been designated as a result of the architectural and historical values which they provide to Saint John.  The proposed amendments also include the removal of the King Street West Heritage Conservation Area, the consideration of the designation of a single property at 152 Watson Street, and a site-specific amendment around height and stepbacks for a proposed development at the corner of Canterbury Street and Grannan Street.  

You can view the proposed By-Law here

The City of Saint John is proud of its 225 years of rich heritage represented in our people and our architecture.  Your Heritage Conservation Service identifies, protects and promotes that which is important to the culture and history of Saint John.  The City works with the community to:

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Certain areas of the City are Heritage Conservation Areas and require a Heritage Grant - Application Form before some work can be undertaken on the property.  

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