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Heritage Conservation Area Maps

Heritage Walking Tours
A series of self guided walking tours of Saint John neighbourhoods. A great way to explore the City’s built heritage at your own pace.

The City has designated a number of areas in Saint John as Heritage Conservation Areas. Each link below will take you to an interactive map of the Conservation Area allowing you to learn where the areas are located, view various individual properties and learn details on their architectural features, including photographs. Explore our built heritage from your own computer!

Links to individual properties are currently being developed. If a property you are looking for is not yet available, check back soon.

The Maps work best with Internet Explorer.

A: Trinity Royal Heritage Conservation Area

B: Quinton Farmhouse Heritage Conservation Area

C: Orange Street Heritage Conservation Area

D: Douglas Avenue Heritage Conservation Area

E: Red Rose Tea Heritage Conservation Area

F: King Street East Heritage Conservation Area

G: King Street West Heritage Conservation Area

H: Torryburn Heritage Conservation Area

I: Princess Street Heritage Conservation Area

J: Lancaster Avenue Heritage Conservation Area

K: Brunswicker / Ordnance Corps Heritage Conservation Area

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