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Infrastructure Development

Infrastructure Development administers, on behalf of the Chief City Engineer, municipal infrastructure and servicing requirements for sustainable development in accordance with community and neighborhood plans, strategic direction and policies of the City of Saint John, Provincial regulations and sound engineering standards; and approves engineering drawings, municipal servicing plans, drainage systems and utility installations for the full range of new developments and service extensions.

Responsibilities of Infrastructure Development include:

  • Advising on engineering standards necessary for reliable, effective, sustainable municipal infrastructure;
  • Approval of the municipal engineering component of municipal building permits; water and sewerage permits, and right-of-way excavation permits;
  • Engineering input on development applications for municipal plan amendments; zoning by-law amendments; section 39 conditions; subdivisions; and various use permits;
  • Approval of new utility installations within the City of Saint John;
  • Utility locates for municipal infrastructure as part of  “Call Before You Dig”;
  • Inspection services related to development and maintenance projects;
  • Policy development, recommendations and administration related to municipal infrastructure;
  • Liaison with other levels of government, utility companies and others on infrastructure and engineering issues.

Before you begin work...

  • Permits and approvals must be obtained prior to working within a municipal right-of-way (City limits);
  • Infrastructure locates must be obtained prior to any excavation;
  • Inspections of municipal services are required prior to backfilling;
  • All work within a municipal right-of-way must be in accordance with the City’s General Specifications and/or approved regulatory authorities;
  • Directing stormwater to adjacent lands is prohibited.
Municipal Engineering

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