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 MoveSJ Draft Strategies - Phase 2
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Pedestrian Strategy Report

Saint John will provide safe, accessible, and attractive streets, intersections, trails and amenities that encourage increased walking as a safe and active form of transportation and recreation.
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Transit Strategy Report

Saint John Transit will stabilize core services and provide mobility and choice for residents with an efficient and cost-effective transit system.
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Parking Strategy Report

Saint John will provide sustainable parking solutions and services to meet the needs of citizens and businesses in the uptown core.

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Goods Movement Strategy

Saint John will provide the right balance to allow the safe and efficient movement of goods by trucks through the City while minimizing the visual, safety, noise and traffic impacts on citizens.


MoveSJ Phase 1 Report by IBI Group - March 2017

MoveSJ is a three phase project that will guide how people and goods will move throughout the City. The plan will guide transportation infrastructure investments within the City for the next 25 years. This plan is not just about roads. MoveSJ takes an integrated approach to transportation incorporating considerations such as parking, active transportation and transit which were not components of the previous 1999 transportation study.  
The purpose of MoveSJ is to create a balanced transportation network. It integrates active shared modes of transportation and supports sustainable development, healthy communities, and a vibrant urban centre – all principles of Smart Growth.
MoveSJ is another example of how the City is striving to better position itself for sustainability as it will guide both the operation and development of the City’s transportation system. It is for these reasons that a guide for future transportation investment is crucial.