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Performance Measures & Quick Facts

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Performance Measures

Service ObjectivesMeasureWhy Measure?
To support quality, safe development within the community. Compliance Rate: Measure of the total number of building permits requiring enforcement action as a percentage of the total number of permits. The measure indicates how well the City and developers work together to meet construction and demolition standards as enforcement action is the means undertaken by the City to force code and by-law compliance.
To provide quality customer service with the timely issuance of permits. Efficiency Measure: Measure of the percentage of permits issued within ten (10) business days after receipt of a complete application. Given the various degrees of complexity associated with permit applications, a reasonable target to meet the customer service standard is eighty percent (80%) of the time.

Quick Facts

    • 250 housing starts
    • 1460 building permits issued
    • 480 plumbing permits issued
    • 45 demolition permits issued
    • 45 other permits issued
    • 12,100 inspections
    • 265 active enforcement cases