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Why a Population Growth Framework?

Over the last 45 years, Saint John has seen a historical decline in population of almost 25%. In 1971, our population was 89,039. By 2016, our population had fallen to 67,575.

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The 2016 Census indicated that our community now has the distinction of being the only Census Metropolitan Area (CMA) in Canada to shrink during that period.

Our Vision

Saint John will be the most welcoming community in New Brunswick

Our community can no longer watch our population decline. We need to have a focused and coordinated approach to growing our population. This Framework will help our community to build on our existing efforts and will spur action around the things we can influence.

In order to be effective at population growth, we will need every level of Government, local businesses, stakeholders, and our whole community working together to achieve growth.

Our Action Plan

The strategies outlined in the framework are thirty new or enhanced actions that we will take as a community to grow our population.  Many of the actions will require coordinated work plans and leveraged funding. Each action will be coordinated by a lead organization, and they will be supported by partnering organizations.


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