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Asset Management incorporates the processes of selection, maintenance, inspection and renewal of the City’s physical assets. Our goal is to minimize the whole life cost of assets that we need to be able to deliver the public services that our community requires. The responsibilities for management of the City’s assets are shared by the following areas: Municipal Engineering; Facilities Management; Fleet; and Real Estate.

Asset Management Road Map – Phase 1 (Please click here)

The overall objective of  Phase 1 the project was to define the improvement initiatives needed to move the City of Saint John towards best practice asset management (Phase 1). We have developed an Asset Management Road Map that maximizes the benefits of the asset management work done by City staff to-date, aims to tailor the asset management program to the City’s way of doing business, and minimizes the staff and financial resources needed to develop and maintain the asset management program. This document will be used as a guide for the development and implementation of an asset management program (Phase 2) and will include: an asset life-cycle management plan, current State of the Infrastructure Report, defined capital investment requirements, a long-term financial plan, and an asset information management system.



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Facilities Management
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