Finance & Administrative Services

City-Owned Buildings

Facility Management Buildings
Reversing Falls Tourist Bureau (Restaurant)
200 Bridge Road
Tourist Information Centre West
1509 Saint John Throughway
Tourist Information Centre, City Hall
15 Market Square
Barbour's General Store
10 Market Square
Red School House
1 Market Square
Fort Howe Blockhouse
20 Magazine Street
Chipman Hill Pedway
22 Chipman Hill
St. Patrick Street Pedway
58 St. Patrick Street
Aquatic Centre Pedway
50 Union Street
City Market Pedway
36 Germain Street
Mercantile Centre Pedway
48 Union Street
Harbour Station Pedway
70 Station Street
Carnegie Building
20 Hazen Avenue
Mispec Pump House
3600 Mispec Road
Tilley Square Bandstand
90 Market Place
Loyalist Plaza
5 North Market Wharf
City Market
47 Charlotte Street

Parks and Public Spaces Buildings
Peter G. Murray Arena
701 Dever Road
Hilton Belyea
390 Lowell Street
Charles Gorman Arena
80 University Avenue
Stewart Hurley Arena
1500 Hickey Road
Leisure Services Offices
171 Adelaide Street
Leisure Services Maintenance Garage
171 Adelaide Street
Leisure Services Storage Building
171 Adelaide Street
Shamrock Park Clubhouse (Ballfield)
200 Visart Street
Forest Hills Maintenance Depot/Office
707 Westmorland Road
Forest Hills Ballfield/Canteen
651 Westmorland Road
Dominion Park Canteen/Clubhouse
730 Dominion Park
Dominion Park Storage Building
730 Dominion Park
Seaside Park Lawn Bowling Clubhouse
520 Fundy Drive
Lancaster Memorial Clubhouse (Ballfield)
224 Greendale Crescent
Lancaster Memorial Storage Building
224 Greendale Crescent
Kings Square Bandstand
56 Charlotte Street
Rockwood Park Horse Barn
175 Fisher Lakes Drive
Rockwood Park A-Frame (Fisher Lakes)
169 Fisher Lakes Drive
Carleton Community Centre
120 Market Place
Nick Nicole Community Centre
195 Victoria Street
Forest Glen Community Centre (leasehold)
15 Glengarry Drive
Millidgeville Community Centre (leasehold)
99 Daniel Drive
Rockwood Park Interpretation Centre
10 Fisher Lakes Drive
South End Community Centre (leasehold) 210 Wentworth Street
Allison Grounds
2 Tilley Avenue
Loyalist Burial Grounds (Beaver Fountain)
14 Sydney Street
Fallsview Park Washrooms
100 Fallsview Avenue
Rainbow Park Splash Pad
205 Sydney Street
Fleming Court Splash Pad
Fleming Court
Harbour Passage
St. Peter's Park
Douglas Street
Little River Reservoir
60 Wayne Way
Lorneville Recreation Centre
1141 Lorneville Road
Rockwood Park Golf and Country Club
1255 Sandy Point Road

Fire Department Buildings
Fire Station #1
47 Leinster Street
Fire Station #2
850 Loch Lomond Road
Fire Station #4
36 Courtenay Avenue
Fire Station #5
35 Adelaide Steet
Fire Station #6
286 King Street West
Fire Station #7
7 Manchester Avenue West
Fire Training Tower

Police Buildings
Police Headquarters
1 Peel Plaza   

Municipal Operations
Municipal Operations Complex
175 Rothesay Avenue
Municipal Operations Garage
175 Rothesay Avenue
Municipal Operations Lunch Room
175 Rothesay Avenue
Works West Garage/Offices
1934 Manawagonish Road
Works North Garage/Office
100 Boars Head Road
Works East Garage/Office
525 McAllister Drive
Works East Salt Building
525 McAllister Drive
Works West Storage Facility/Salt Bdg
406 Bay Street

City Hall (Leased Building)
City Hall Building
15 Market Square
City Hall Parking Garage
17 Chipman Hill

Agencies, Boards and Commissions (Limited Responsibility)
Aquatic Centre
50 Union Street
Lord Beaverbrook Rink
536 Main Street
Market Square
1 Market Square
Saint John Public Library
1 Market Square
Harbour Station
99 Station Street
Saint John Transit Facility
55 MacDonald Street
Lily Lake Pavilion
55 Lake Drive South
Peel Plaza Parking Garage
Carleton-Sewell Streets
Public Gardens Greenhouse A
48 Seely Street
Public Gardens Greenhouse B
48 Seely Street
Saint John Water
Approximately 50 buildings