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Facilities Management

The City of Saint John owns and manages a portfolio of over 100 buildings, including tourist information centers and destinations, historic properties, community and recreational facilities, maintenance and storage depots, police and fire stations, and administrative buildings.  A portion of these buildings are occupied by support staff who deliver services to the City.  Other buildings are utilized by the public for community events/activities, to support recreational needs, and in some cases to provide a shopping experience, as provided by the Saint John City Market. 

Facility Management is comprised of a team of administrative and technical professionals that support building maintenance, capital renewal, and energy management projects in City-owned buildings.  Facility Management includes a Carpentry Shop that completes requests for user departments, as well as Building Maintenance personnel who support the operation of the Saint John City Market. 

Responsibilities of Facility Management include, but are not limited to:

  • Identification and prioritization of maintenance and capital renewal requirements through routine inspections, building condition assessments, and consultation with user departments;
  • Management of preventative and routine building maintenance programs;
  • Development, implementation, and management of capital renewal projects;
  • Identification and management of energy reduction strategies through audits, project implementation, commissioning, and monitoring;  
  • Working with external Consultants, Contractors, and Suppliers to implement building maintenance, capital renewal, and energy management projects;
  • Provision of Carpentry and other routine building maintenance services to user departments; 
  • Billing Carpentry and building maintenance costs to user departments; and 
  • Operational management of the Saint John City Market.
Facilities Management

Facilities Management
(506) 658-2869
10th Floor, City Hall

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