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Risk Management

In order to protect the public’s interest against damage or liability claims that may occur as a result of the City’s delivery of public services, it is necessary to put in place and administer insurance policies of the appropriate type and size.

The City has established, within the Materials and Fleet Management Division, the position of Risk Manager who is responsible for the overall establishment and administration of Insurance and Risk Management.

In addition to these duties, the Risk Manager acts as the City's “In-House” Claims Adjuster for the settlement of claims within the scope of the deductibles established for the various policies.

Some of the responsibilities of the Risk Manager include:

  • Determining the insurance requirements for the various services delivered by the City;
  • Preparation of the tender call requirements for the selection of an insurance provider;
  • Administration of the various policies;
  • The establishment of an inventory of City owned properties;
  • Working with the public to determine the City’s liability as it applies to various claims;
  • The settlement of claims within established limits;
  • Reporting to the City Manager and Common Council on all insurance related matters; and
  • Advising Agencies, Boards and Commissions on their individual insurance needs.
Risk Management

Insurance and Risk Management

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