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Liability and Damage Claims


The staff of the Risk Management Division works with the citizens, businesses, and property owners to determine the City’s liability as it applies to various claims.  A damage claim can be filed if it is believed that the City has been negligent in its maintenance of facilities, roads, trees and sewers causing bodily injury or property damage.

In the event of injury or property damage, we recommend consulting your insurance company first, the City is not your insurer and it is usually to your advantage to consult with your own insurer.  The responsibility to repair your damaged property is yours and if you need to complete any emergency repairs to prevent further damage, it is your responsibility to do so and keep receipts.  If your insurer feels the City is responsible, they will pursue the City for reimbursement of your claim.

If you choose to submit a claim against the City, it is important to know that any claim will take time to investigate.  The City only pays when there is a legal obligation to pay, for instance if the City was negligent in their operations and  not usually just due to extreme weather. If the City is found to be negligent, the amount paid is based on a current value, not replacement cost.  As an example, potholes are a way of life, are considered a sudden unpreventable occurrence and the City’s liability only arises if the City fails to respond to the hazard in a reasonable time.

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