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City Manager's Office

As Canada's oldest incorporated city and New Brunswick's largest municipality, the City of Saint John has been providing municipal services to local citizens for more than two centuries. Operating under a "City Manager form of government", the Corporation offers a wide range of services, as determined and directed by an elected Mayor and Council.

The Mayor and Council have the benefit of receiving independent professional advice from the City Manager on policy issues, from the City Solicitor on legal issues, the Common Clerk on procedural matters and from the Commissioner of Finance on financial issues.  This separate reporting relationship of each of these positions is rather unique in a Canadian setting. However, it does ensure that elected officials receive the best advice possible.

City Manager

The City Manager is the Chief Administrative Officer of the City and has responsibility for overseeing the various City departments and divisions as they serve the needs of the citizens of the City of Saint John. These departments and divisions are organized according to the defined service delivered to the citizen. 

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Human Resources

The Human Resources Department supports departments and employees to ensure effective and efficient delivery of services to the community. We are responsible for planning, developing and administering policies and programs

Corporate Communications

The City of Saint John has established the Communications Department to assist all City departments in communicating with various audiences, especially our citizens and City employees.

City Manager

City Manager's Office

(506) 658-2913
8th Floor, City Hall

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