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On Friday, June 1, the top 20 finalists for the Smart Cities Challenge were announced.  We would like to congratulate the City of Fredericton and St. Mary’s First Nation for their successful Smart Cities Challenge submission. They were one of two proposals from Atlantic Canada to advance to the next phase of the competition.  Infrastructure Canada received 130 Smart Cities Challenge submissions from communities across the country.   


Although Saint John did not advance to Phase 2, we will be moving ahead with plans to address population decline in our City.   


This process was a great experience . In particular, we learned that many residents are interested in helping solve this challenge and want to be engaged. We also witnessed impressive private and public sector support for the project as companies and organizations stepped up to provide in-kind resources and contribute letters of support for the submission.    


The insight and ideas generated through our community engagement activities will continue to be valuable in helping us understand our population decline challenge and in developing meaningful solutions, so thank you. The project team will continue to meet and we look forward to continuing our work to address our challenge.  


A list of Phase 1 finalists is available here.


 Read the City's full application (posted May 2, 2018)

Visit smartcitiessj for more information on Saint John's challenge.

City's Submission to Tackle Population Decline (link to news release)

The Challenge

In the fall of 2017, Infrastructure Canada released details of the Smart Cities Challenge. The smart cities approach aims to achieve meaningful outcomes for a city’s residents by leveraging the benefits that data and connected technology can offer.

 A "Smart Cities" approach includes:

The basis for the application is a “Challenge Statement”, a definition of the outcome or outcomes a community aims to achieve by implementing its Smart Cities proposal. The Challenge Statement must be measurable, ambitious, and achievable through the proposed use of data and connected technology.

Public Engagement

Key to the submission is the community's approach to public engagement.

Our approach to community engagement

Our mandate is clear.   Through the city-wide engagement process, the community chose “population decline” as the challenge that they would like Saint John to submit for consideration in the Smart Cities Challenge.

Letters of support
The Project Team consisting of members from the City of Saint John, Enterprise Saint John, EY, Saint John MP Wayne Long’s office, Wicked Ideas and the Saint John Multicultural and Newcomers Resource Center presented to Common Council on April 23, 2018 (at 26:36). The application was submitted April 24 and is available (here).

Thank you to the hundreds of local residents who provided input. Hundreds of volunteer hours have been spent on this project.





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