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Common Clerk's Office

The Common Clerk is the official link between the Council and the public; is the official signing officer for the City; is responsible for all decisions under the Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act; and is required for the activation and functioning of Council meetings. 

Some responsibilities of the Clerk’s Office:

  • Provides policy and procedural advice to the Mayor and Council, and staff
  • Develops and maintains a formal Electronic Records & Information Management System and related policies and procedures
  • Develops and leads the Corporate Records and Information Management strategy
  • Maintains and protects the official and permanent records of the City
  • Manages access to information and protection of privacy
  • Provides administrative support to the Mayor and Council, and other boards
  • Responds to public and employee inquiries regarding historical records
  • Creates the weekly council agenda and packet, and prepares minutes

Maintains and archives all official records, contracts and deeds