Make a Right to Information (RTI) Request

Keep your request simple, clear, and focused to reduce processing time. A request for access to a record must specify the record requested or where the record in which the relevant information may be contained is not known, must provide enough particularity as to time, place and event to enable a person familiar with the subject matter to identify the relevant record. Use of the forms is recommended as they have been designed to capture all the required information.

1. Download, print and complete the Request for Information / Request to Correct Personal Information form

If you still have questions or need clarification about the City’s records before you send your request, contact the Common Clerk’s Office using the contact details on the right.

2. Submit your form by email, fax, mail or in person.

See the Common Clerk’s Office contact information on the right.

3. We acknowledge and review your request.

We will acknowledge your request within 24 hours of receipt, except on weekends and statutory holidays.

The Access & Privacy Officer reviews your request, making sure that your request is for information that the City holds, and not some other public body.

We may contact you to clarify your request.

We will contact you officially, letting you know when you can expect to have your request fulfilled. The Act requires the City to respond to your RTI request within 30 days of receiving it. If your request is complex, we may extend this time within what the Act allows, but will inform you of this within the 30 days.

We contact the appropriate service areas within the City to inform them of your request.

4. We gather the information.

Service area staff assigned to your request search for and gather all the records related to your request, and send them to the Common Clerk’s Office.

If your request asks for a large number of records or for third-party records, we may take up to 60 days to respond and will inform you of this extension.

5. We review the information for privacy concerns.

We review the records and withhold any information which would be an invasion of privacy or cause harm as listed in the Act.

If a record has information we cannot provide, we cover that information over with a black box, and mark it with the relevant section(s) of the Act that explains why we withheld the information.

If a record has several sections of information we cannot provide, we may refuse access to that entire record.

6. We send you the information

We prepare our final response package with your requested information (as appropriate) and send it to you.

7. Review

The Right to Information and Protection of Privacy Act provides for an independent review of decisions made under the Act. Complaints may be taken to the Access to Information and Privacy Commissioner.  In certain instances, complaints may be taken directly to a judge of the Court of Queen’s Bench.  Complaints can be made by filling out and submitting the appropriate form found in the Regulations or via the Information Access and Privacy Unit site.

Right to Information and Protection of Privacy

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