Community Vision

In November of 2007 Common Council was presented with a Community Vision that was developed through extensive consultation and input from our residents. Residents were asked to identify their hopes and dreams for our Community. From the input received a Citizen Advisory Committee developed the following Vision Statement.


Our Saint John, Canada’s first city, leads the nation as an example of a sustainable community.

Our Saint John was born of the water. Like the tides we live by, we are responsive to the constant changes in our environment, economy, and society.

Our Saint John
is a livable city designed for people where everyone can feel at home. We are diverse in cultures, rich in arts, full of exciting entertainment and recreational activities.

Our Saint John provides educational excellence and life long learning opportunities to help people reach their full potential. Our dynamic economy is built on creativity, innovation and entrepreneurial spirit.

Our Saint John is a population of problem solvers where each individual and organization has a vital role to play. It is a place where leadership is based on transparency, integrity, and trust.

Our Saint John is a place where we overcome our challenges and live our dreams.
This is our Saint John.

The final report presented to Common Council by the Citizen Advisory Committee contains the Community Vision, a set of Sustainability Principles to act as guardrails to keep us moving towards our desired future and 20 year Community Goals. (Final Report)

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