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Citizen Survey Report - Winter 2012-13 (Full Report)
Presentation to Common Council - Winter 2012-13


Citizen Survey Report - Fall 2011 (Full Report)
Presentation to Common Council - Fall 2011


Citizen Survey Report - Fall 2010 (Full Report)


Citizen Survey Report - Fall 2009 (Full Report)

The City of Saint John has made a commitment to demonstrating accountability for decisions made and results achieved with respect to the services it delivers to the public.  In support of this commitment, Common Council has adopted an accountability framework that will guide the City in being more accountable for service delivery.  Within the accountability framework, citizen satisfaction surveys were identified as an excellent tool to obtain feedback from the public on how effective service delivery is in meeting the needs of the public.

The City of Saint John engaged Ipsos Reid to design and conduct a citizen survey to understand the needs and concerns of its residents and to support its desire for continuous improvement in service delivery.  The survey was designed to meet the following objectives.

The results of this initial survey are intended to provide a baseline understanding of the current status of citizen satisfaction with City services and guide efforts to improve in the future.  It is the City’s intention to administer the survey annually to determine trends in the public’s satisfaction with service delivery.

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