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Performance Reporting

The City of Saint John recognizes that the public needs performance information to assess whether government is providing service that meets their needs in a cost effective manner. This information is also relevant to other levels of government and business interests that are looking to make investments in our community. In addition, Council and City Managers must have accurate and timely information to make decisions regarding performance enhancements and improvements.

The City is committed to providing performance reports on all of our services on an annual basis as part of the annual budget process.  In 2010 service delivery plans have been developed for all of our services. These plans identify the initial performance indicators that will be used for performance reporting purposes.

In addition the City engages a company to perform annual surveys of the general public to get their perspectives on the services that are delivered by the City. The information gathered through these surveys will be used as the performance indicator for some of our services and will also be used to enhance service delivery plans.

Finally, the City produces information booklets, ‘Insight’ which are distributed to all households and businesses two to three times a year.