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Sustainability and Continuous Improvement
During every session of Saint John Common Council, City staff present on sustainability and continuous improvement initiatives identified in the City Manager's Three-Pronged Approach to addressing the deficit in 2021-2022.

These City-led initiatives are found in Section 12 of council agendas.



Restructuring Plan

This City Manager's Report has three objectives: to summarize the key drivers within the current financial situation; to consolidate the entirety of Common Council's decisions on sustainability issues to show the overall restructuring plan; and to suggest what remains to be done.

December 2, 2019
Author: John Collin, City Manager
Sustainability: Addressing the Deficit 2021-2022

The City Manager is proposing a three-pronged approach to addressing the structural deficit: effectiveness and efficiency reviews, sustainability initiatives, and transformational reforms.

Council Report
Council Presentation
October 7, 2019
Author: John Colllin, City Manager
City of Saint John Presentation to Standing Committee on Law Amendments

Power Point Presentation
Video reproduction of presentation
Presentation script
September 5, 2019
Presenters: Mayor Don Darling and
John Collin, City Manager
Backgrounder: The Path Forward
Establishing Saint John as a resilient and financially sustainable city

The urgency of the City’s challenges means we must act now. The City will assume responsibility to address the entirety of the anticipated deficit and implement short-term solutions to get through the next three years, while we continue to work with the provincial government to enable the reforms needed for long-term sustainability.

August 2019
City of Saint John Publication

Sustaining Saint John: A Three-Part Plan

This document outlines a Three-Part Plan to support short and longer-term financial self-sustainability by the City of Saint John. It reflects extensive and collaborative work between provincial and city officials, and recognizes that many of the actions identified will require, and be strengthened by, the engagement of and partnership with regional communities, city employees, labour groups, and other community interests.

July 2019
Province of New Brunswick Publication

Building a Sustainable Future for Saint John
A 2018 Provincial Election White Paper

Our future lies in finding efficiencies in running a combined regional municipality that will also serve as an East Coast magnet for attracting growth; offering both quality urban and suburban lifestyle choices, where all residents contribute fairly and equitably to the region’s quality of life, core services, essential infrastructure and long-term sustainability.

Provincial Election Candidates Council Presentations (Video) - August 20, 2018

July 2018
City of Saint John Publication

Fair Taxation Report

Tax experts Harry Kitchen and Enid Slack were engaged to review and assess the fairness of the City’s property tax rates and structure (Tax Fairness Report). Slack and Kitchen concluded that that there is little Saint John can do to improve fairness absent changes to Provincial legislation.

City Manager's Report to Common Council
Municipal Property Tax Issues in the City of Saint John (Kitchen & Slack)

 October 2017
 Author: Jeff Trail,
 Former City Manager
 Harry Kitchen & Enid Slack