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Sustainability Plan

Our community has a vision for the future; we know what type of community we want our children and grandchildren to grow up in. However, although we know where we want to be, our community today is constantly changing – and the path to reaching that future is not always clearly defined. The challenge we face, regardless of whether our community is experiencing a period of growth or decline, is how do we find the right balance in today’s decisions and actions that will help us reach our desired future for tomorrow?

How do we balance economic benefits and risks with potential impacts to our environment or to our society and culture? How do we strive to protect the natural environment without limiting our economic development potential?  

To help provide direction to our and coordination of our community efforts the City has adopted an Integrated Community Sustainability Plan.  The Plan identifies six ‘Primary Projects’ that will have significant impact on the future direction of our community.

•   Priority Neighbourhood Capacity Building
•   District Wealth Creation Strategy
•   Workforce Expansion
•   Marsh Creek Restoration Initiative
•   Safe Clean Drinking Water
•   Municipal Plan Review

A full description of these projects and the process used to identify them can be found in the Community Sustainability Plan. (ICSP)