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Backyard Fire Pits

Follow these guidelines for safe use of recreational fireplaces:

  • They must not be used on a combustible deck or surface unless approved for such use (ULC or WHI)
  • Must be used with all screens in place and closed
  • No treated wood is to be used as fuel. (e.g. pentox or creosote)
  • No refuse or garbage is to be burned
  • No chemically treated wood is to be used as fuel (e.g. Presto Logs)
  • Must have a 10 litre pail of water or a connected garden hose near by while in use
  • Must maintain proper clearance from combustibles (1.5m from buildings and fuel supplies, 3m from tall grass and 15m from wooded areas)
  • Some units require clearance from bottom of unit to ground
  • Must follow manufacturer's instructions
  • Must not be left unattended while in operation and all embers extinguished when fire has been completed and not left to burn out on its own
  • Must not be overloaded (screens must be kept closed except for when charging the unit)
  • Open circles of rocks and tire rims (campfires or bon fires) are not permitted under this approval and home-made devices must incorporate a screen having an opening of not more than 12mm when being used as a recreational fireplace.