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Hazardous Materials Emergency Response


The Saint John Fire Department Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Service provides a planned response to incidents where the public are exposed to risks created from a release of or fire involving hazardous materials (Hazmat).

The types of services rendered at these emergency responses include:

  • site assessment
  • container evaluation
  • threat assessment
  • victim removal
  • search and rescue
  • extrication/disentanglement
  • smoke/toxic gas ventilation
  • identification/analysis of the material
  • evacuation
  • establishing a safe working area
  • monitoring or sampling of the material

The Saint John Fire Department also performs decontamination of personnel and equipment, notification of other agencies, and referral to proper authorities.

For over 15 years the Saint John Fire Department has been the first responder to hazardous material incidents within the City of Saint John. The Saint John Fire Department Hazmat team utilizes:

  • the Hazmat truck (Hazmat One)
  • the decontamination trailer
  • specialized Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)
  • independent air supply
  • communications and weather monitoring equipment
  • thermal imaging cameras

The team also has access to provincial and national resources if needed.

Regional HAZMAT"

The Province of New Brunswick acknowledges the high level of Hazmat response expertise within the Saint John Fire Department; concurrently, the City of Saint John Fire Department has had to develop a level of expertise in hazardous materials response due to the “risks” that exist within the boundary of Saint John.

Municipal and Provincial government staff have met numerous times to negotiate the terms and conditions of an agreement to provide hazardous materials response services to communities throughout the southern half of the Province, including the Moncton area.

Hazardous Materials Emergency Response Service

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45 Leinster Street

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