Core Values

Core Values are expressions of acceptable behaviour and quality of care towards our community and our colleagues.  We live by our values, and in doing so, we model a culture and a practice of ethical behavior.  The community has high expectations of the Force; our Core Values help ensure that our decision making and our practices satisfy community expectations. 

  • Leadership

    We value leadership from all our employees. Leadership is a pattern of behaviour, not a rank or title.  We are committed to developing effective leadership throughout the Force and will provide training, opportunity and a supportive environment to nurture and model sound leadership practice.
  • Integrity

    We are committed to professional and moral integrity…bringing respectful, honest, fair, considerate and ethical behaviour to the exercise of all our Core Values and our public safety responsibilities.
  • Constant Improvement

    We are committed to a work environment with the flexibility to adapt; the capacity for creative and innovative solutions; and a qualified tolerance for risk-taking – tempered with accountability.
  • Openness and Partnerships

    We are committed to an organization with open channels of communication, where teamwork leads to shared problem solving and decision-making.  We will seek partnerships within our community and with government to enhance success in addressing our Core Businesses.
  • Trust and Respect

    We value a trusting relationship with the community we serve.  The basis for this trust is respect for the value of human life; respect for diversity and equality; respect for human rights and freedoms; and respect for the Rule of the Law.  We have a primary responsibility to victims of crime and will above all treat them with respect and sensitivity.
  • Investing in Our People

    We have a commitment to maintaining a healthy work place, responsive to the needs, welfare and aspirations of our employees.  We are a learning organization …a leader in the policing community providing training opportunities to enhance the skills of our members, to ensure public and officer safety, to support members in achieving career and leadership development objectives and to satisfy government and professional standards.

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