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Professional Standards

The Professional Standards Section is responsible for receiving, investigating and acting upon complaints filed by any person about the conduct of police officers or any policy or procedure of the Saint John Police Force.

The Saint John Police Force takes community concerns seriously.  We encourage open communication and believe the public is entitled to efficient, fair, and impartial service. 

We respond to all inquiries about employee actions and department policy.  We also document all complimentary correspondence received from the public.

We investigate allegations and inquiries for the following reasons:

  • To protect citizens from actual misconduct by an employee of the Force;
  • To protect the force and those employees who conduct themselves appropriately; and    
  • To identify policies and procedures that may need review or change, and to find ways to improve the quality of our service to the community.

The public complaints process is an important element of police accountability.  Police are given special powers to enforce the law, use force, and otherwise restrict the free movement of citizens.  The Complaints Process is one of a number of measures employed to ensure that these powers are exercised appropriately.

Filing a Complaint

All complaints filed against a municipal or regional police force/officer in the province of New Brunswick must be in writing and must be filed using the official NBPC Complaint Form.  Written complaints must be directed to one of the following:

  • The Chairman of the New Brunswick Police Commission;
  • The Saint John Board of Police Commissioners; or  
  • The Chief of Police

Formal complaints must be filed within one year of the occurrence of the conduct that is the subject of the complaint.  Extensions may be granted by the New Brunswick Police Commission in special circumstances.

Complaint Format

A formal, written complaint is required in order to investigate, state findings, and impose sanctions under the Police Act.  The Saint John Police Force also accepts informal complaints, which are not required to be in written form. The Force will respond to all formal and informal complaints, however investigations for informal complaints are not enabled under the Police Act and may therefore be less in-depth.

Copies of both the English and French forms are available via the links below and are also available at the Front Desk of Force Headquarters.

English: https://nbpolicecommission.ca/content/nbpc-cpnb/en/complaints/forms.html

French: https://nbpolicecommission.ca/content/nbpc-cpnb/fr/plaintes/formulaires.html.
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