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Commercial Properties Limited donates Rescue Vehicle

Tue November 13, 2018

SAINT JOHN, NB—The City of Saint John today accepted a donation of a Rescue Vehicle from Commercial Properties Limited, a property owner and management company headquartered in Saint John. The Rescue Vehicle will be used by the Saint John Police Force, which currently does not have a vehicle similar to ones used by the Fredericton Police Force and New Brunswick RCMP.

“The City of Saint John is grateful to Commercial Properties Limited for their generous support of our community and the greater Saint John area,” said Saint John Mayor Don Darling. “The donation of this rescue vehicle complements the existing resources of the Saint John Police Force and could help save lives during a crisis.”

The vehicle, manufactured by the Cambli Group in Quebec, will be used by the Saint John Police Force to rescue individuals in active shooter situations and to provide tactical support. The vehicle will be of the same design as the new unit recently acquired by the Fredericton Police Force and will allow comprehensive training and the ability to coordinate between the two forces.

“This rescue vehicle allows our members to safely help citizens in a time of need. It is an important tool for the Saint John Police Force to protect the citizens we serve. We thank Commercial Properties Limited for supporting the Force and the people of Saint John with this donation,” said Saint John Police Chief Bruce Connell.

“Like all New Brunswickers, we were shaken by the tragic events in Fredericton this past August, and the tragic events in Moncton in 2014. We asked the City of Saint John if there was anything we could do that was out of the ordinary and that would help keep our community safe. They indicated that a rescue vehicle would be an important additional resource,” said John Irving, President of Commercial Properties Limited. “We are pleased to support the women and men of the Saint John Police Force who have served their community with pride, since 1849.”

Commercial Properties Limited owns and operates a number of buildings in Saint John including Brunswick House, CenterBeam Place, Mercantile Centre, Ordnance Building and the Red Rose Tea Building. The company has worked with the Saint John Police Force for many decades and has housed the Saint John Police Museum in its CenterBeam Place since 2006.

The order for the rescue vehicle has been placed and it is anticipated to be delivered in early spring 2019. The vehicle will cost approximately $380,000.

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